Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have TMJ that causes a lot of tension in my jaws and neck. I have been seeing Dr. Phillips for about 1 month and have seen a huge difference. I am also taking his supplements. They too really seem to be agreeing with me. Overall, I feel so much better. I really like his method of treatment." I also really enjoy the office staff. They have been very helpful and I look forward to my weekly visits with all of them."

- Lisa H.

After receiving chiropractic care for a month, Lisa said she has recommended it to her friends and family, with 3 out of 4 already receiving treatment!

"I feel a lot better physically and emotionally. They make you feel like you are part of the family. I get up and feel like going somewhere instead of just staying home in my room. They really care. Chiro-Train is very nice and relaxing. I call it my time. They have showers for you when you get done if you need it. I feel so much better and relaxed when I get done.

I have tried other alternatives for the same problem in the past at another chiropractic clinic. They just could not help; I now see I was just not relaxed there."

- Tina P.

After receiving chiropractic care for 3 months, Tina said she would recommend it to her friends and family!

"I had been in a wreck and I went to another local chiropractor and didn't get the results I needed. Since I've came here, I've progressed really well, also it's a super nice atmosphere and it leaves you positive which I believe leads to a quicker recovery. This is an excellent package, facility and staff. Dr. Phillips gives so much back to the community. You don't feel like just another head of cattle for business here."

- Tom L.

After receiving chiropractic care for 5 months, Tom said he would recommend it to his friends and family!

"Care from Dr. Phillips and staff has changed my life in that I can now turn my head and lift my arm again. I had put off care for years. Then, I had an injury caring for a loved one. I will always get wellness care now. Dr. Phillips has a gift as well as skills and education. His staff is always a bright spot in my day."

- Sheryl B.

After receiving chiropractic care for one year, Sheryl said she has recommended it to her friends and family!

"My baby son had a bad case of colic, we tried medical treatment. Nothing worked until we saw Dr. Phillips. Within one month, my son's colic was gone."

- Nathan S.

Nathan said he would recommend chiropractic care to his friends and family!

"I came to Jennings County Chiropractic fro low back and neck pain that interfered my daily life for three weeks. I now feel a dramatic change in the way I feel and move. I greatly appreciate all that Dr. Phillips has done for me."

- Jacklyn G.

After receiving chiropractic care for three weeks, Jacklyn said she would recommend it to her friends and family!


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